How We Work

Our first meeting is all about fact finding. We need to build a picture of you, your lifestyle, financial circumstances and your aspirations for the future. We’ll need to gauge your attitude to risk so we can suggest investments you will be comfortable with.

Financial planning based on your financial circumstances

We’ll discuss strategies with the aim of helping you achieve your financial needs for the future you want. It’s never too early to plan for your retirement and it’s not all about pension schemes. We’ll suggest tax efficient investments if appropriate and other ways you can potentially plan for a comfortable, worry-free retirement.

If you are a business owner we can advise you on succession planning and how to potentially capitalise on the asset you’ve worked hard to create. We aim to help you get the most out of your business when it is time to sell and move on.

Cashflow Planning...
What is Cashflow Planning?

Cashflow planning can help you assess your current financial situation as well as looking at how your income and expenditure may change both in the near future and beyond. It can help you identify where you may experience a shortfall in your finances as well as helping to set achievable financial goals.

Benefits to you

Cashflow planning can provide you with a visual forecast of your finances, better informing you prior to making any big decisions without bombarding you with figures. Whether it be changing jobs, an early retirement or going back to university, you can use cashflow planning to assess the financial implications of this decision before you make it.

The beauty of cashflow planning software is that you are able to ‘see’ your finances laid out in front of you and then apply changes yourself to visualise and understand their impact. With the assistance of your financial adviser, you can then decide on the best plan going forward without the pressure of having to stick to one particular decision.

Cashflow planning is an ongoing, interactive process. Your adviser will involve you in the creation and ongoing development of your financial forecast rather than just talk you through the results, aiding your understanding. Any financial forecasts that are created using cashflow planning are not set in stone and only give an indication as to what may happen in the future, so should be reviewed on a regular basis. Ongoing reviews will also help you to keep on track with your financial goals reducing the chances of any unwanted surprises down the line.

It will help you see whether you can afford to retire early, take that once-in-a-lifetime holiday, help the children with their education or purchase that holiday home abroad.

Define Wealth made the decision to engage with CashCalc which provides an online suite of financial planning tools. The what is cashflow planning video explains the very basics of cashflow planning to clients.

An ongoing relationship

The next stage is to present you with a detailed financial plan and investment planning strategy. However, our work with you is ongoing.

During regular review meetings we’ll talk with you in detail about your financial plan and investment strategy.

We’re happy to work with your accountant, solicitor or other professionals and can supply end of year taxation details or any other necessary information.

And we’re always just a phone call away or available by email.

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Our Fees

We provide you with an initial consultation free of charge. This helps us to understand your financial objectives and will confirm how we can support you in working towards these goals. We will also discuss the cost, and levels, of our services both initially and throughout our relationship with you. 

We charge a fixed fee for our advice, depending on the complexity of your situation, we may also charge an implementation fee. This means we can offer truly impartial advice as it does not depend on you purchasing a product. 

"His approach has resulted in a solid final recommendation and re-setting of my varied schemes into a single one with invariably far, far better outcomes. Thank you Simon."

Paul Ashworth - Director - Virtual360

"Simon is a highly trusted professional who has provided me with end-to-end (insurance, investment, and pension) common sense advice and support."

Doug Ross - Director - Square Peg