Case Studies

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Pension Planning

Mr R, Surrey 

Mr R had three separate pension schemes totalling £200,000. However, they were a disjointed combination of different types of schemes. They included previous company schemes, underperforming managed funds and with-profits funds.

Using our knowledge combined with specialist software analysis we consolidated these schemes into one self-invested personal pension (SIPP). We used a range of low-cost funds to provide a medium risk growth portfolio.

This also reduced Mr R's charges, giving him a more efficient portfolio and greater investment flexibility, additionally we recommended further tax-efficient pension contributions.

Inheritance tax

Mrs G, Surrey

Mrs G was recently widowed. Her husband had built up a diverse portfolio of investments worth over £1 million. Mrs G had not been involved with these investments nor did she have any desire to start managing them.

We reviewed her portfolio, simplified it and reinvested over £600,000. This gave her both income and long-term growth in a more tax-efficient way.

Mrs G also wanted to protect her estate from excessive inheritance tax. To achieve this we recommended a combination of trusts together with insurance bonds. We worked closely with her solicitor throughout the process.

Wealth management

Mr and Mrs B, Cheshire

We were introduced to Mr & Mrs B by their solicitor. They both had an extremely confusing mix of investments worth around £350,000. As a result the couple were receiving varying amounts of income and paying too much tax.

We successfully restructured their portfolio to provide a low risk, stable and long-term retirement income.


Mrs H, West Sussex

Mrs H had tax issues and was introduced to us by her accountant.

She had previously chosen her bank's private client department to manage her investment portfolio, but their service was impersonal and expensive.

We reviewed her objectives and holdings based on stock selection, charges, asset mix, her attitude to risk and historical returns.

Working closely with Mrs H, we developed a strategy ideally suited to her needs. We now manage this portfolio for her on a much more personal and regular basis than her bank.