Retirement Planning

By investing in a pension we believe you’re taking the first important steps towards a more comfortable retirement. And you’ll be taking advantage of significant tax breaks that could help you enjoy a comfortable future.

Retirement planning and pension options



  • When did you last take a look at your existing pension?
  • Can you be sure your pension is on course to meet your needs?
  • Have your needs changed since you last reviewed your pension?
  • Do you still have an appropriate investment mix to meet your financial objectives?
  • Do your present pension contracts and funds give you enough investment diversification?
  • Is the charging structure competitive? Many historic plans have higher charges than those available today.
  • What are the penalties for transferring the pension funds?
  • Does your contract provide any guaranteed annuity or growth rates?

Pensions simplification, we believe, has made it much easier to understand pensions. However there are still dozens of pension companies.

There are also thousands of funds to choose from in schemes with a variety of confusing names such as SSAS, SIPP, EPP, GPP, SHP… And the list goes on.

Selecting the most appropriate one for your circumstances shouldn’t be left to chance. However, with all that choice AND the bewildering array of names, where do you begin? Should you purchase an annuity? Or should you choose one of the more flexible arrangements?

We are highly qualified to advise on pensions. We'll use our years of experience to guide you through the pensions’ maze. We'll make sure you start saving for your retirement in the most appropriate scheme for your needs. And we’ll help you select the most suitable option when it comes to taking your retirement benefits.

Our service covers all aspects of pension provision and includes setting up:

  • Personal and stakeholder arrangements
  • Small self administered schemes (SSASs)
  • Self invested personal pension schemes (SIPPs)
  • Group schemes

At retirement the services cover the available options:

  • Annuity purchase
  • Pension drawdown
  • Phased retirement

"he took all the time required to explain my options and the implications in each case. I have continued to use Simon as my financial advisor and I would not hesitate in recommending his services"

Simon Dennis - Managing Director - Greencorn Ltd

“Simon has carried out work both for myself and my partner and also for a number of my clients, and has provided the highest quality of service.”

Amanda Jackman – AJJ Accountancy